VECS 2023

VECS 2023


Unleash the power of autonomous and electric technology to transform transportation and shape society!

Join us at VECS 2023 and connect with trailblazing experts in the fields of autonomous vehicles, electrification and connected mobility. Discover innovative insights, ground-breaking knowledge, and valuable networking opportunities. Hear from leading speakers on the hottest topics in the new transportation ecosystem. See you in Gothenburg, May 2023! 


At Diadrom, we firmly believe in a software-defined future for the automotive industry. Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) are the next frontier in automotive innovation, introducing significant safety, convenience features, and opening a wide range of in-vehicle experiences.

Our approach to automotive cybersecurity aligns perfectly with the principles of SDVs, focusing on software and enabling secure over-the-air (OTA) updates and services. We understand that the journey from hardware-defined to software-defined vehicles requires innovative development paradigms to address the increasing complexity of software and advanced computer architectures.

By investing in SDVs, we assist automakers, OEMs, and tier-one suppliers in unlocking major revenue opportunities, strengthening customer relationships, and meeting stringent functional safety standards. Our solutions aid in the seamless development and deployment of software, from the car to the cloud and help our customers to increase their productivity and reduce the complexity of the software development.

The software-defined future is a collaborative effort, and Diadrom is proud to be part of the revolution. We believe in the power of open standards and close collaboration across the automotive and cloud communities. Together, we can navigate the complexities of this new era of efficient edge workloads and drive the software-defined revolution in the automotive industry.

At Diadrom, we recognize the significant transformation happening in the automotive sector, where trends such as Connectivity, Autonomy, Sharing, and Electrification (C.A.S.E) are driving the future of mobility. These exciting developments, while offering a myriad of benefits, also bring about new challenges and vulnerabilities in terms of cyber security. The complexity of these systems coupled with an expanded attack surface has amplified the potential for security threats, including unauthorized access, malware installation, denial of service, spoofing, and downloading of unauthorized software.

Diadrom’s Automotive Cybersecurity Solution

To mitigate these threats, Diadrom offers a comprehensive and scalable suite of cyber security solutions for the automotive sector. Our approach combines cutting-edge hardware and software technologies, enabling Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and tier-one suppliers, to build vehicles with the highest degree of cyber security and safety across all vehicle domains.

As the complexity of automotive systems increases, we believe that a multi-layered defence is crucial. Our suite of solutions includes:

  • Secure External Communication: We provide state-of-the-art solutions for securing external communication to and from the vehicle. This ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data being transmitted, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and other potential threats.
  • Secure In-Vehicle Network: Diadrom’s solutions ensure the security of the in-vehicle network, effectively protecting the communication between different components within the vehicle.
  • Secure Processing for Trust Chain (Secure boot): We provide secure boot mechanisms that verify the software’s integrity during startup, preventing the execution of unauthorized or malicious software.
  • Secure Software Update: Our solutions support secure software updates, ensuring that new patches or features are installed securely and without compromising the system’s integrity.
  • Hardware Trust Anchor (HSM): Our Hardware Security Module (HSM) solutions provide a hardware trust anchor, offering high-level protection for cryptographic operations and key material within the vehicle.

Microcontrollers for SDVs & Automotive Cybersecurity Solution

As the complexity of software in vehicles increases, microcontrollers play a pivotal role in managing a multitude of tasks. We understand that edge microcontrollers in the latest SDVs must offer a wide range of performance capabilities and support secure, efficient software updates. Our solutions are designed to meet these requirements, ensuring that your SDVs remain at the forefront of technology and security.

And therefore, our suite of solutions is flexible and compatible across a range of platforms, Renesas, NXP etc., providing a robust and comprehensive approach to automotive cyber security.

At Diadrom, we believe in the power of innovation to create a safer, more secure, and sustainable automotive future. Trust us to protect your vehicles and the passengers who rely on them.


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