Diadrom is an expert consultancy company with a focus on Diagnostics of products with embedded software. The company was founded in 1999 and has a majority of the customer base in the automotive sector. Other customer sectors include industrial machinery, defence, security and public transport. Diadrom is traded on NASDAQ OMX First North (ticker DIAH).

Diadrom are delivering solutions to our customers with in the areas of:


Diadrom are specialists within Diagnostics. Accordingly, customer use us as a complement resource in their projects, where our expertise is highly valued (e.g., central systems, software download, configuration or remote and client base diagnostics systems). Diadrom are highly skilled in managing products throughout the life cycle.

This also means that we are deeply into

  • System design and Architecture
  • Topology design, Function allocation and Communication protocols
  • On-board, Off-board and Remote diagnostics
  • Fault tracing
  • Cost avoidance in Warranty
  • Logging, Built-in testing, Calibration and Configuration

From a process point of view this also require high craftsmanship in

  • Project management and requirement analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile methods

Diadrom have been in business since 1999 helping market leading companies within Automotive, Industrial machinery, Defence, Security and Public transport.
See below for some of our many successful projects.


News only in Swedish…

November 14, 2016|

Please visit the Swedish version for full news coverage or contact the management team for translation of the Swedish news. Please find the contact info at https://diadrom.se/en/om-oss/   Company description Diadrom is a software company [...]

Announcing the launch of Diadroms new website

October 12, 2016|

Welcome to Diadroms new website!   Best Regards Diadrom 

Diadrom shows camera development offerings at the conference Electronics in Vehicles

May 10, 2016|

In cooperation with LG and CEVT.


Diadrom is a leading Swedish IT Company within Diagnostics and Hi-tech products. The company was founded in 1999 and is listed on NASDAQ OMX First North under “DIAH”.

The field of Diagnostics is characterized by a stable, long-term growth. This is simply due to the fact that technically advanced Products are steadily becoming more “intelligent” featuring more built-in software and computing power. By targeting this market with a powerful niche offer we aim for stable organic growth with a high profitablity.

A key to Diadrom’s success is our skilled employees. Making everyone thrive and enjoy working with us has high priority.

Some Pictures from trade fairs, customer events and internal after-work activities: