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Diadrom offer services and products within Diagnostics. We conduct projects on the customer premises or at the Diadrom office. Our long experience in the Diagnostics area is re-used and shared to assure quality in all our efforts.

We are Experts on Diagnostics




Autotech is a revolution of our society.

Autotech will change the world more drastically than even the PC and the Web have. The autonomous and connected vehicle will change how we perceive transport and travelling, and thereby fundamentally change both industry and society as a whole. Fundamental to Autotech are strict requirements on quality, environmental impact, unit cost, bandwidth and product life.

Diadroms focus within Autotech can be placed in two categories: Life Cycle Management Systems (LCMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Diadrom is a leader in the development of LCMS, with our own products and via expert consulting. Diadrom are experiencing a great increase in demand for ADAS at present, especially for IP-based technologies and sensor fusion.

Autotech originated in Automotive, but the solutions are applicable in other sectors.