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Diadrom shall be the option for Diagnostics of Autotech

Diadrom provides a broad portfolio of embedded software and IT applications. The portfolio helps customers to develop reliable diagnostic processes and to carry out diagnostics of products realized by embedded software and life cycle management systems.

Diadrom is the leading company within Diagnostics of Autotech and we conduct projects at customers premises or at the Diadrom office. We offer expert consulting services for optimizing product development, processes and tools for life cycle management.

Our long experience in the Diagnostics area is re-used in our solutions and shared to assure quality in all our efforts

Autotech reliability is our mission.

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Diadrom Autotech Bootloader

  • Available in different versions for specific OEMs (to comply with requirements for e.g. Volvo Cars SPA & SPA2, CEVT CMA & Next Generation platforms, Geely and Lynk & Co)
  • Support for broad range of different microcontrollers from different supplier (such as Renesas)
  • Efficient microcontroller resource utilization
  • Full support from the Diadrom team on-site of off-site
  • Easily demonstrated with the supplied example application software
  • Verification & Validation: Full test cases coverage from Diadrom Dolphin
  • Includes software security and authentication modules

Diadrom Diagnostic Communication Stack

  • Easy to integrate into customer software
  • Thoroughly tested and proven in several projects
  • Adaptable to different OEM specific requirements
  • Extendable for the customer needs
  • Lightweight with low memory requirements
  • Possible to adapt for Autosar implementations

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Diadrom Dolphin

  • Can be implemented in Continuous Integration chains
  • Perform fully automated verification
  • Visual GUI to setup and manage the testing ,implement test cases and test results
  • A GUI client for managing test
  • Wide range of Test Environments using different communication protocols
  • Diadrom Dolphin support HW interfaces from Vector and Kvaser

Diadrom Diag Studio

  • System configuration overview
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Read values
  • Activation to test features
  • Logging and Analyses of data
  • Parameters setting
  • Software Download
  • Campaign and recall management

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Contact – Sales

Viktor Eliasson, Diadrom Systems AB

Phone: +46 733 31 11 15

Första Långgatan 19
413 23 Göteborg