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Diadrom Autotech Bootloader is a stand-alone bootloader implemented according to a PBL/SBL concept. Diadrom Autotech Bootloader handles both setup of the embedded system and enables software module replacement through software download.

Diadrom Autotech Bootloader is lightweight and highly customizable for the customer needs. Diadrom Autotech Bootloader has been developed during several software development and production projects for different Tier 1 and OEM customers in the automotive industry.

  • Proven track record for adapting to different OEM specific bootloader requirements
  • Experts regarding OEM specific Bootloader requirements
  • Reference customers such as Nippon Seiki, CEVT, LG IT and HIKVision

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  • Available in different versions for specific OEMs (to comply with requirements for e.g. Volvo Cars SPA & SPA2, CEVT CMA & Next Generation platforms, Geely and Lynk & Co)
  • Support for a broad range of different microcontrollers from different supplier (such as Renesas and ST)
  • Efficient microcontroller resource utilization
  • Full support from the Diadrom team on-site or off-site
  • Easily demonstrated with a supplied example application software
  • Verification & Validation: Full test coverage from Diadrom Dolphin
  • Includes software security and authentication modules

What is included?

The Diadrom Autotech Bootloader offers a bootloader according to a PBL/SBL concept, with a dedicated example application for demonstration purposes.

Our promise and ambition is to be a development partner and support for our customers throughout the project.

  • Primary Bootloader (PBL)
  • Secondary Bootloader (SBL)
  • Example application for basic demonstration purposes
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Product Description

Diadrom continually updates the list of supported MCUs & OEMs and provides support for other MCUs & OEMs on customers request.

Please send a request for the full documentation of the Diadrom Autotech Bootloader product and get a list of currently supported MCUs & OEMs.

Available information:

  • Diadrom Autotech Bootloader Product Information (PDF)
  • List of supported OEMs (PDF)
  • Supported controllers and compilers (PDF)
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