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Diadrom Encrypt – the cyber security stack for Autotech.

Diadrom Encrypt is an embedded software component that implements customer specific cyber security concepts.

In today’s vehicles, the requirements for a robust cyber security implementation is of great importance. Diadrom Encrypt integrates modern cyber security algorithms to work within proprietary processes (e.g. SecurityAccess, validity and authenticity of software, secure software download).

  • Compliant to Autosar Crypto Service Manager (CSM)

  • Enables use of modern cyber security algorithms in customer processes

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  • Compliant with Autosar Crypto Service Manager (CSM) API

  • Adaptable to different customer processes

  • Possible to use hardware accelerated crypto libraries

  • Works on multiple hardware platforms

What is included?

The Diadrom Encrypt offer includes a fully functional embedded software component used to enable proprietary cyber security concepts in an ECU for a modern vehicle.

Our promise and ambition is to be a development partner and support to our customers throughout the whole project.

  • Cyber security stack adapted for the customer defined concepts

  • Expert team as support during the implementation
  • Fully tested on target hardware before delivery
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Product description

Diadrom continually updates the list of supported MCUs & OEMs and provides support for other MCUs & OEMs on customers request.

Please send a request for the full documentation of Diadrom Encrypt and get a list of currently supported MCUs & OEMs.

Available information:

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Contact – Sales

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