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Diadrom Diag Studio is an off-board diagnostics product suit.

Diag Studio is initially developed to support customers, where the customer product fit the following characteristics:

  • Governed by an Embedded system (on-board)
  • Produced in serial production, usually with customer just-in-time orders
  • Mobile units, usually some type of vehicle or non-stationary machinery
  • Geographically spread out over the world
  • End-customer capital goods which businesses uses to produce goods or services
  • Long product lifetime and the running cost for maintenance is considerable.


  • Flexible and customizable platform
  • Cost efficient diagnostics platform
  • Supporting the R&D, Manufacturing and After Sales
  • Continuous support of systems verification, continuous deployment and continuous diagnostics engineering for software life cycle management

What is included?

Diadrom Diag Studio enables an Agile method for the development and refinement of the diagnostic features. It should be possible to verify the Diagnostic features at all stages from early development up until it is ready for serial production. The continuous diagnostics engineering can improve the support of the product throughout its entire life cycle.

Fault tracing & Software update

  • System configuration
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Read values
  • Activation to test features
  • Logging and Analyses of data
  • Parameters setting
  • Software Download
  • Campaign and recall management

Diag Studio is re-branded and re-named to the name of the customer. For example, the customer NEVS have named their version, NDS, and the user interface adapted to the corporate identify guiding principles.


Product description

Diadrom continually updates the product specification and case studies.

Please send a request for the full documentation of Diadrom Diag Studio.

Available information:

  • Daidrom Diag Studio Product Information (PDF)
Request the Product Description Package

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