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Repair shops and mechanic’s are central to the business and will be so for years to come. The mechanic’s role is still important and characterized by increasing competence requirements as increased products are connected. The competition for the customer’s attention is fierce and “simplicity to own” is becoming an increasingly important sales argument.

We at Diadrom are at the center of this development with ongoing assignments that deal with connected products and related new services. However, the most common diagnostic solution is still tools / systems that are “local” and temporarily connected to the product in question. In this area, Diadrom has a strong position as a supplier and partner to most Swedish vehicle manufacturers.

Aftermarket Car Service Manager or Mechanic Uses a Tablet

Recent project with NEVS

The heritage and culture of Saab Automobile is today further cultivated by NEVS, who are investing heavily in the development of mobility transport solutions, services and all-electric vehicles for a sustainable future.

A very important part of maintaining products and services throughout their lifecycle is, Lice Cycle Management Systems. Diadrom has developed such system for NEVS based on the Diadrom product Diadrom Diag Studio®. The solution is called NEVS Diagnostics System (NDS), and it is used to handle all diagnostics-related data from R&D via manufacturing to the aftermarket. An efficient quality assured process backed up by systems support is a must to perform effective service and repairs on the aftermarket.
Typical features that NDS can perform are fault tracing and software download to the cars.


NDS Diagnostics system is for all NEVS and SAAB workshops in more than 60 markets world-wide, this system is basically trying to find out what is wrong with the the current vehicle. The first important step is usually to read out error codes from the car. A car, like many other products with built-in computers, called ECUs, has a set of error codes that are set under different conditions. In addition to reading error codes, the system also offers troubleshooting support. In simple terms, the system tries to help the mechanic find any fault(s) in the car.


AREAS of Expertise

Developing, testing and verification of software systems and processes to maintain, repair and upgrade products.

Diagnostic tools for automotive industry

Development of Process and it Systems for offboard diagnostics

Connected Serviced and Uptime

What is included? (except from great people from Diadrom)

The Diadrom Academy is a tailor-made training on how to develop on & off board systems for Diagnostics. With over 20 years of experience in developing Diagnostic IT systems and embedded software Diadrom is transferring our long knowledge to our new and old colleagues.


Furthermore, the team delivery is managed according to the ISO 9001 quality management system which helps Diadrom to ensure that we meet customers and other stakeholders requirements related to a product or service


Tailormade delivery – all projects are unique and Diadrom have the knowledge and experience to identify best practises, right team roles, resources and a road ahead to ensure a successful project

Two men from Diadrom Enablers having a workshop

Diadrom academy

boot camp with the fundamental concepts and technology stacks for diagnostics


certified according to the iso 9001



Autotech reliability is our mission​


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Aftermarket Car Service Manager or Mechanic Uses a Tablet

reference cases

Diadrom have gathered a vast experience, skill set and knowledge about the major Swedish OEM and T1 suppliers throughout the years. 


Please read more about our reference cases below. 

lYNK & co

The project refers to a development team, as well as a license fee for the right to reuse functionality of Diadrom DiagStudio, to develop new diagnostic services together with Lynk & Co.

Grey car from LYNK & CO