Solutions for Diagnostics of Autotech

Diadrom offer solutions, projects and expert consultancy with focus on Diagnostics of Products with Embedded Software.

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Research & Development Solutions

Development and Verification of Embedded Software Systems that is a part of the product itself (e.g., a passenger car).

Diadrom’s offering in R&D includes development and verification of built-in software. i.e. software that is part of the product itself.


Manufacturing Solutions

Diagnostics in the Manufacturing of Products with Embedded Software.

Diadrom’s offer to Production is about diagnosing and ensuring that it has produced what the customer ordered in all respects and that it has done so in a safe and efficient manner.


Aftermarket Solutions

Ongoing assignments of Aftermarket include earnings, ease of ownership and uptime.

Aftermarket is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry; An increasing share of companies’ current revenue comes from sales of Aftermarket Services and spare parts. Diadrom has been involved in developing Aftermarket Tools for and together with the major OEMs in the Swedish Automotive industry.



Great Agile teams from Diadrom, with the power to boost your system developments, innovation, and business development.

With our long experience within Diagnostic we noticed an increased demand for Agile teams and our vision is to innovate the industry, transfer our expertise to our customers, simplify your processes and lead our customers in the expanding and ever changing world of Diagnostics of Autotech.



Diadrom Academy for Diagnostics of Autotech.

Since many years back Diadrom has held a bootcamp with focus on Diagnostics of Autotech for all new employees. Diadrom Academy has a wide level of collective knowledge in Diagnostics of Autotech – which we believe is very important to share and spread to all our employees, and as a result strengthen our image as “the option for Diagnostics of Autotech” to our customers.



Autotech is the disruptive technology that has grown out of the Automotive sector. For over two decades, major progress has been made in fuel economy, ride quality and safety.

The category of features that is increasing most rapidly is advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Within a couple of years, a standard passenger car will be able to drive with a great level of autonomy (AD).


Partner Network

The Partner Network for Autotech.

Diadrom Partner Network is a new initiative that has been available since January 2022. The Partner Network, which was established in response to demands and requests, allows us the chance to expand the consulting business to clients.


Diagnostics Ecosystem

Diadrom Diagnostics Ecosystem is a technology ecosystem that gather a collective of tech companies.

In this ecosystem Diadrom connect the best solutions with each other to help our customers to find the best and most cost efficient solutions.

Autotech is a revolution for our society

Autotech will change the world more drastically than even the PC and the Web have. The autonomous and connected vehicle will change how we perceive transport and travelling, and thereby fundamentally change both industry and society as a whole. Fundamental to Autotech are strict requirements on quality, environmental impact, unit cost, bandwidth and product life.

How we work

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Customer On-site

Diadrom are specialists in diagnostics. We complement the customer’s project group with expert knowledge in diagnostics, e.g. central support systems, software loading, configuration or off-board tools, and lives up to our customers’ expectations through solid domain knowledge and a focus on always delivering high quality. Our customers’ challenges are ours.

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Fixed-price Projects

Diadrom also works with an overall commitment where we agree to deliver a certain functionality. This work usually takes place with our offices as a base where we lead the project. Proximity to the customer is important and we have frequent reconciliations to ensure that we work towards the right goal.​

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After completing fixed-price projects, Diadrom offers continuous and efficient management of delivered projects / products. The management agreement is tailored to the customer’s needs and may include a management team that supports the customer’s organization during implementation, improvement work and possible new development.

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