Investor Relations

Diadrom Holding AB (publ) will continuously provide the financial market, investors and other stakeholders with accurate and objective information as the basis for a fair assessment of the company. The Financial reporting is in Swedish only.

General information

Information channels
Diadrom Holding AB (publ) distributes all information that may affect the share price. Annual Reports, reports and press releases can be ordered from CFO Reka Fodor at e-mail reka.fodor@diadrom.se or phone +46-31-774 11 00.

Shareholder Contacts
Responsible for shareholder relations, financial information and shareholder meetings is CEO Carl Johan Andersson who can be contacted at e-mail: carl.johan.andersson@diadrom.se or phone +46-31-774 11 00.

Information policy

Diadrom Holding AB (publ) information policy (swedish), please see Informationspolicy Diadrom Holding AB (publ).

Articles of association

Do you want to read the articles of association? Please see Bolagsordning Diadrom Holding AB (publ).

First North Growth Market
First North Growth Market is an alternative market, operated by the different exchanges within NASDAQ OMX. It does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. Companies at First North Growth Market are regulated by the rules of First North Growth Market and not the legal requirements required for trading on a regulated market. An investment in a company traded on First North Growth Market is more risky than an investment in a listed company. All companies whose shares are traded on First North have a Certified Adviser that oversees that the company complies with the rules of First North regarding releasing information to the market and investors. The Certified Adviser examines companies whose shares are admitted for trading at First North Growth Market. Stockholm Stock Exchange approves the application for admission to such trading.

Identification code (ISIN)
The Company’s ISIN code (identification code for the company’s shares) is SE0001606906.

Certified Advisor
Partner Fondkommission AB (telefon +46 31 761 22 30, www.partnerfk.se) is the Certified Adviser of Diadrom on NASDAQ OMX First North.

Press Release


2024-05-13 13:47 Diadrom Launches Open-Source SDV Diagnostics Initiative Corporate Information Other Corporate Information English
Gothenburg, Sweden – Diadrom Software, a leader in automotive diagnostics software , is thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of the Diadrom...
2024-04-11 11:45 Diadrom Holding AB (PUBL) förutser lägre resultat för första kvartalet 2024 Corporate Information Other Corporate Information Swedish Regulatory MAR
Diadrom Holding AB (publ), en ledande leverantör av produkter och tjänster inom diagnostik av Autotech, kommer redovisa ett lägre resultat...

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