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Diadrom’s offering in R&D (Research and Development) includes development and verification of built-in software. i.e., software that is part of the product itself. The software is in the built-in computers (control units) that control / control physical module functions, such as the engine (ECM control unit) and gearbox (TECU control unit) in a vehicle.

Communication via networks in vehicles has enabled an explosion of new functions, such as adaptive cruise control and automatic braking in the event of a collision risk.

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Base Tech

Diadrom usually works with what is often called “Base Tech”. The term encompasses basic functions of diagnostics, i.e., configuration, software update, calibration, troubleshooting and logging. Previously, car manufacturers (or dominant T1 suppliers) usually developed the control and regulation functionality in the software internally, but in step with increased complexity and increasingly tough requirements for development speed, Diadrom sees new possible forms of delivery.

In 2015, Diadrom together with LG Innotek developed a reversing camera for the passenger car manufacturer CEVT (see Customer Case LG for details). This type of security-critical system requires extensive process control and rigid verification.

Projects CEVT

Recent project with CEVT

As automotive infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are increasingly becoming more advanced and require higher data transfer rates new protocols are introduced on the market to meet these needs. One of the new protocols in the forefront are Maxim Integrated Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link 2 (GMSL2) protocol and Diadrom now includes support for it together with the CEVT designed protocol VSPoverLVDS in our products. 

Diadrom has been working together with CEVT and Maxim Integrated and using their protocol GMSL generation 1 for several years. 

Diadrom has been involved in enabling communication, Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) and software download for GMSL1 applications in multiple cameras and displays for many customers in the Geely family. CEVT request for larger displays with increased pixel density has caused a rapidly increasing demand for video bandwidth. Driver assistance and the more challenging autonomous drive require conformance to ASIL standards. Maxim Integrated and Diadrom are in a position to support these challenges. 

As of today, Diadrom have support for the CEVT protocol VSPoverLVDS, for both GMSL1 and GMSL2, in our products Diadrom Autotech Bootloader, Diadrom Diagnostic Communication Stack and Diadrom Dolphin and our products have been used by several customers and are included in mass produced automotive vehicles.

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Areas of expertise

Diadrom’s offer to R&D (Research and Development) is about developing, testing and verification of software systems and processes that enable products with high uptime and flexibility.

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Development of diagnostics requirements for software, test and verification

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Embedded software and IT systems development

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Test and verification of software and IT systems

Reference cases R&D

Diadrom have gathered a vast experience, skill set and knowledge about the major Swedish OEM and T1 suppliers throughout the years. Please read more about our Research and Development reference cases below.

Case 1

LG Innotek

About the project – Developing and diagnostics of a camera module

The rapid development of “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” (ADAS) has created a situation where all automakers have an increased need for image processing. However, novel challenges need to be addressed due to the strict requirements on reliability, unit cost, bandwidth and life time expectancy.

The role of Diadrom was to develop the control, software download and diagnostics (UDS) in the Camera module that contains a high speed LVDS link (1.6 Gbps).

This sort of safety critical systems needs rigid software process control and verification procedures. However, we needed a rapid agile development process. This led us to develop a large set of automated tests to prove requirement compliance. The complete automated test execution, often performed at night, runs for about 8 hours. Today, this test process is named Diadrom Dolphin.

Case 2


Diadrom received an order from Scania for expert consulting on a new generation of communication framework.

The order refers to expert consulting in the area of next generation vehicle network communication technology and diagnostics for automotive technology.

Case 3

LG Electronics

LG Electronics were sourced by CEVT for CSD (Center Stack Display) and in need for further testing of their CSD.

Diadrom develop test cases from the software test description and run test cases towards CSD and analyzed the results from the extensive testing with Diadrom Dolphin. LG Electronics then implemented the bug fixes, with the feedback from Diadrom, and then run Diadrom Dolphin by themselves to verify the implementation.

The Diadrom Academy

What is included?

(Except from great people from Diadrom)

The Diadrom Academy is a tailor-made training on how to develop on & off board systems for Diagnostics. With over 20 years of experience in developing Diagnostic IT systems and embedded software Diadrom is transferring our long knowledge to our new and old colleagues.

Furthermore, the team delivery is managed according to the ISO 9001 quality management system which helps Diadrom to ensure that we meet customers and other stakeholders requirements related to a product or service.

Tailormade delivery – all projects are unique and Diadrom have the knowledge and experience to identify best practises, right team roles, resources and a road ahead to ensure a successful project.

Diadrom Academy

Boot camp with the fundamental concepts and technololgy of Diagnotics.

Quality management

Certified according to the ISO 9001.

Tailormade delivery

Idea generation, concept implementation and continuous follow-up & support.

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