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What is Autotech?

Autotech is the disruptive technology that has grown out of the automotive sector. For over two decades, major progress has been made in fuel economy, ride quality and safety.

The category of features that is increasing most rapidly is advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Within a couple of years, a standard passenger car will be able to drive with a great level of autonomy (AD).

The autotech area has attracted much financial investor attention and cross-industrial co-operation the last couple of years. Also, some concern has been raised about the actual consumer interest and adoption rate.

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Diadroms focus within Autotech can be placed in two categories: Life Cycle Management Systems (LCMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Diadrom is a leader in the development of LCMS, with our own products and via expert consulting. Diadrom are experiencing a great increase in demand for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) at present, especially for IP-based technologies and sensor fusion.

As a result of the rapid development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the infotainment domain have becoming increasingly important for the Autotech industry and Diadrom is a proven partner with our commercial off-the-shelf (cots) offer for basic software and basetech.

Autotech originated in Automotive, but the solutions are applicable in other sectors.

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What about Diagnostics of Autotech?

Diadrom are experts in Diagnostics of Autotech, with a long and solid experience from many years of quality-assured development work in diagnostics.

Moreover, our accumulated unique knowledge of Diagnostics sums up in three key concepts;

1. Identify, 2. Read and 3. Write

1. Identify

The simplest form of diagnostics on the aftermarket is to simply be able to identify a product. To be able to troubleshoot and know which spare parts are needed, you need to know the identity of the product. Anyone who has ever called customer service when a product did not work knows which will be the first question:

What product do you have? The product identity can be in the form of a product ID on the product itself; for more advanced products, you may need to read out the product ID using a diagnostic system.

2. Read

In order to be able to troubleshoot a mechanical product, it is sufficient in some cases to inspect it visually. In other cases, analog measuring tools are required, e.g. multimeter. In order to be able to troubleshoot a software-based product, you usually have to read out data from the product’s built-in computers.

This can be done by, for example, connecting a diagnostic tool/system to the product. In the case of vehicles, you usually connect via the OBD socket and use a diagnostic tool (eg on a PC) to read out data about the vehicle, e.g. error codes or operating data that inform how much the product has been used.

3. Write

In order to change / improve the properties of an advanced software product, you must be able to reprogram it; it can be about upgrading or configuring the product’s features or fixing a bug in the product by installing new firmware.

How we work

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Customer on-site

Diadrom are specialists in diagnostics. We complement the customer’s project group with expert knowledge in diagnostics, e.g. central support systems, software loading, configuration or off-board tools, and lives up to our customers’ expectations through solid domain knowledge and a focus on always delivering high quality. Our customers’ challenges are ours.

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Fixed-price projects

Diadrom also works with an overall commitment where we agree to deliver a certain functionality. This work usually takes place with our offices as a base where we lead the project. Proximity to the customer is important and we have frequent reconciliations to ensure that we work towards the right goal.​

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After completing fixed-price projects, Diadrom offers continuous and efficient management of delivered projects / products. The management agreement is tailored to the customer’s needs and may include a management team that supports the customer’s organization during implementation, improvement work and possible new development.

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