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It seems like most organizations nowadays agree that agile development is the way to go. How the agile frameworks are set up all differs, however without skilled people working together no framework will be successful.

At Diadrom we have a long tradition in working in agile projects and therefore have many experienced coworkers in the field, such as Caisa Vestlund. 

Caisa Vestlund is an experienced SW engineer within the automotive industry having held positions as developer, team leader, scrum master and RTE since 2008 with assignments at Volvo Cars, Volvo IT and Volvo Group Truck technologies.

She has personally been a part of the transformation from Waterfall organized projects to agile organized release trains within the SAFe principles and is a strong believer in the agile way of working.

Today, Caisa is helping Diadrom with setting up an internal Diagnostic training program where her vast experience from diagnostics comes well in place. She is however longing to be a part of an agile team in some kind of agile leadership role where she can use her skills to help the team deliver even better results while enjoying themselves.

Comment from a former Team-member:

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor — but I did when I worked for Caisa. I had the pleasure to work for her in a team that developed a new mobile application for updating software in trucks at Volvo AB. She always kept our team motivated, the atmosphere great, and she was able to push the right buttons with the right people so that we were able to deliver what was needed — and more. Oh, and she always ended our weekly Monday morning meetings with a funny comic that was somehow related to the coming week, and sometimes she brought cakes and candy to our meetings. Talk about motivating a team! Any employee would be lucky to have Caisa as a team-leader or project manager.

Please contact Magnus Larsson, Manager Diagnostic Management Engineering, to discuss Agile leadership & Diadrom.

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