“Last week, I had the pleasure to present the current market trends (according to me) to the board of Diadrom Holding AB, and later to the co-workers of the subsidiaries, with a further discussion how the implications of our services and offers related to these trends.

– Why capital markets love mobility
– Connected consumer is the future
– Can electric vehicles put the brakes on climate change?
– New mobility, new skills
– … and what about Semiconductors

A summary, and my analysis, of the trends is that the software and complexity of the vehicles and services are increasing, and as a result is that the productivity is lacking behind.

Therefore, we need to address the increase of software reuse, agile R&D such as contin­uous integration, and automated testing. 

Please feel free to contact me for session or workshop for further discussion on the topics. ” – Viktor Eliasson,

Download it here or view it in the PDF Viewer below;

(Credit to McKinsey & Company and Roland Berger for great research material.)

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