2024's Crucials & Insights from CES​

2024: A Crucial Year for Automotive Leaders to Expand Focus Beyond Electrification


As we cruise into 2024, it’s crucial for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to shift gears and focus on a key area besides electrification: the enhancement of ADAS functions development and testing.

In the fast lane of automotive advancements, I’ve encountered a growing number of discussions, articles, and insights highlighting a critical issue: drivers often find themselves “fighting” or get distracted with their vehicle’s safety systems, sensors, and ADAS functionalities.

head-up display of car

A striking example comes from Sweden’s M3 technology magazine:

“Lately, I’ve observed a notable shift in the attitude of car manufacturers’ representatives during press car tests. There’s a sense of apprehension, almost apologetic, about the new ‘features’ they’re introducing.

( … ) In one instance, to avoid constant warnings from the eye-monitoring camera – which activated even for brief rear-view mirror glances – I covered the camera. This move unexpectedly disabled the adaptive cruise control.”

This is a wake-up call for the industry, and the industry needs focus on their end customers experience and the functions which adress them.

Diadrom provides OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, our customers, with a dedicated technical partnership, concentrating on basic software, diagnostics, and aftermarket processes. This allows our customers to concentrate more effectively on the development and testing of their own functions.

It’s time for collaborative efforts to fine-tune these systems, ensuring they work with drivers, not against them.

Insights from CES 2024

Emerging Partnerships and Overlooked Cybersecurity Concerns in Automotive Tech (from the home office)

At this year’s CES, the spotlight shines on the big trend of strategic partnerships, reshaping the automotive industry. We’re witnessing pioneering collaborations like Sony and Honda venture into infusing entertainment and gamification into vehicles, and Stellantis teaming up with BlackBerry QNX and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a ‘virtual cockpit’. Similarly, Marelli and Amazon are making strides together.

Moreover, the integration of ChatGPT into vehicle systems, supported by advanced cameras, sensors, and Driver Monitoring Solutions from companies like Smart Eye and Tobii, is redefining vehicular personality and user interaction.

While these alliances fuel innovation, they also open doors to new vulnerabilities. The expansion of connected services and smart features increases the risk of cyber-attacks, such as spoofing, compromise update procedures, malicious V2X messages, potentially compromising critical functions such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and user data privacy. This aspect of tech evolution in the automotive sector, is equally critical and needs more attention.

Join the conversation on how we can balance innovation with security in the automotive industry. Share your thoughts and insights using secure autotech.

Let’s collaborate to drive forward a safer, more secure future in automotive technology.

Missed the latest breakthrough in Swedish automotive innovation at CES 2024? 🇸🇪🚗

Magna International, the “mobility technology company,” has partnered with Sweden’s Senseair to develop a breakthrough safety technology. The system integrates Senseair’s advanced infrared sensor technology, measuring alcohol levels in a driver’s exhaled breath, offering a effective way to ensure road safety. This exciting collaboration marks a significant stride in combating drunk driving and enhancing road safety.

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Autotech Bootloader

Embedded Software Components

A stand-alone Bootloader implemented according to a PBL/SBL concept.

Diadrom Autotech Bootloader is lightweight and highly customizable for the customer needs. Diadrom Autotech Bootloader has been developed during several software development and production projects for different Tier 1 and OEM customers in the automotive industry.



Embedded Software Components

The Cyber Security Stack for Autotech.

Diadrom Encrypt is an Embedded Software Component that implements customer specific Cyber Security Concepts. In today’s vehicles, the requirements for a robust Cyber Security implementation is of great importance. Diadrom Encrypt integrates modern Cyber Security algorithms to work within proprietary processes (e.g. SecurityAccess, validity and authenticity of software, secure software download).


Diag Com Stack

Embedded Software Components

Embedded Software Component designed to handle the on-board communication of ECUS together with the basic diagnostic services in compliance with ISO14229.

Diadrom Diagnostic Communication Stack is an Embedded Software Component designed to handle the on-board communication of ECUs together with basic diagnostics in a modern vehicle.



Software Systems

Verification Tool used to run Fully Automated Testing.

One of the most important challenges in product development today is the shortening of lead times. To increase the pace of development an agile process is often implement, where development and verification can be carried out in parallel. Diadrom Dolphin is an important component of Diadrom’s Embedded Software development tool chain and is used by Agile teams around the world.


Diag Studio

Software Systems

Off-board diagnostics system product suit.

Diadrom Diag Studio enables an Agile method for the development and refinement of the Diagnostic features. It should be possible to verify the Diagnostic features at all stages from early development up until it is ready for serial production. The continuous Diagnostics Engineering can improve the support of the product throughout its entire Life Cycle.

Autotech is a revolution of our society

Autotech will change the world more drastically than even the PC and the Web have. The autonomous and connected vehicle will change how we perceive transport and travelling, and thereby fundamentally change both industry and society as a whole. Fundamental to Autotech are strict requirements on quality, environmental impact, unit cost, bandwidth and product life.