Diadrom Encrypt: A Cyber Security Solution for the Autotech Industry


As the use of electronic systems in vehicles continues to grow, the risk of cyber-attacks on these systems has also increased. In the Autotech industry, it is crucial to have effective cyber security measures in place to protect internal networks, vehicles and ensure the safety of passengers.

Diadrom Encrypt is a cyber security technology stack that has been developed with the Autotech sector in mind. It is a piece of embedded software that can be installed in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or high-performance computing platforms. (HPCs) of a vehicle to allow for the implementation of customer-specific cyber security concepts.


Diadrom Encrypt was designed to address the specific security needs of the Autotech industry. With the increasing reliance on electronic systems in vehicles, traditional security measures may not be sufficient to protect against cyber threats. Diadrom Encrypt offers a solution that is tailored to the unique requirements of the automotive industry.

Use cases

· ECU unlocking functionality Security Access (0x27), Authentication (0x29)

· Validity and Authenticity of Software ( Secure Software Download)

· Tamper resistance (Secure Boot)

· Working with different algorithms (SHA 256, CMAC…)

· Crypto lib complying to Autosar CSM API


One of the key features of Diadrom Encrypt is its ability to use hardware-accelerated crypto libraries, which can improve the speed and efficiency of cyber security methods. This is a significant advantage for the Autotech sector, where performance and reliability are of the utmost importance. In addition, Diadrom Encrypt is compatible with a variety of hardware platforms, making it a scalable solution that can be used in a range of vehicles.

Diadrom Encrypt is also designed to be customizable to the needs of individual customers. It complies with the Autosar Crypto Service Manager (CSM) API, which allows it to be tailored to meet the requirements of different operations.

Features and Support:

The Diadrom Encrypt solution includes a fully functioning software process as well as support from expert personnel throughout the implementation process. The team at Diadrom is dedicated to serving as a development partner for their clients at all stages of a project and offers ongoing support. Diadrom Encrypt undergoes thorough testing on intended hardware prior to distribution to ensure compatibility.


Diadrom Encrypt has been successfully implemented by a number of leading companies in the Autotech industry, including Nippon Seiki, BCS AIS, Volvo Cars and Polestar. These companies have reported significant improvements in the security of their electronic systems as a result of using Diadrom Encrypt.


In summary, Diadrom Encrypt is a comprehensive cyber security solution for the Autotech industry that is customizable to the needs of individual customers, compatible with various hardware platforms, and supported by knowledgeable staff. It is an essential tool for maintaining the safety and reliability of modern vehicles.

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