Diadrom has launched a updated internal training material with focus on Diagnostics of Autotech

Since many years back Diadrom has held a bootcamp with focus on Diagnostics of Autotech for all new employees. Diadrom has a wide level of collective knowledge in the Diagnostics of Autotech area – which we believe is very important to share and spread to all our employees, and as a result strengthen our image as “the option for Diagnostics of Autotech” to our customers.

Furthermore, as part of further strengthening our competence in Diagnostics of Autotech area – we have begun the work of developing a new concept with several training modules in Diagnostics of Autotech area for our employees.

Moreover, with the help of several of our most senior employees, we have now jointly developed the first module:

Diadrom Diagnostics of Autotech Training Module 1: Diagnostics Overview
– The purpose of the first module is to give all our new employees an overview and understanding of what Diagnostics of Autotech is and the content covers
– Definition of diagnostics of Autotech
– History of diagnostics
– Overview and example of product topology of embedded systems
– Overview and example of diagnostic actions
– Overview and example of Life Cycle Management Process and Systems (LCMS) from an ESW perspective

The plan is to develop more modules in the future with specializations in various areas related to Diagnostics by Autotech.

Are you interested of discuss this training concept further? Please contact CEO Carl Johan Andersson, carl.johan.andersson@diadrom.se or HR Magnus Larsson, magnus.larsson@diadrom.se.

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