Diadrom Software is now offering a trial version for the Bootloader

Are you looking for a well-tested bootloader for an embedded system to handle both setting up hardware and enable software module replacement through software download?

Diadrom Software is now offering a trial version of the Diadrom Autotech Bootloader for you to evaluate on your own hardware platform.

Since working with a new sub-contractors can be a daunting process, Diadrom Software tries to reduce this worry and is now offering a trial version of the Diadrom Autotech Bootloader. The aim is to increase the trust between Tier 1’s and Diadrom Software and also give a possibility for a first hands-on experience of the Diadrom Product.

Diadrom Autotech Bootloader is implemented as a primary/secondary bootloader and the trial version will include a reduced scope of the functionality integrated at the hardware platform of choice. The primary bootloader will have the possibility to start an application on a fixed address and to download a secondary bootloader to the volatile memory using Unified Diagnostics Services (ISO14229). The secondary bootloader includes functionality for reading DIDs.

The trial version enables the customer to test Diadrom Software product on a hardware platform and perform a basic integration of an application. The collaborative work between the Tier 1 and Diadrom Software performed during the integration of the trial version can then be reused as a proof-of-concept for the OEM and during a full-scale implementation project.

Quotes from former customers regarding the Diadrom Autotech bootlader:

“Head-up displays have become an increasingly central part of the active driver support and the performance requirements are therefore very rigorous. HUD is now being developed from being a solution primarily for the premium car segment to be included in all car segments. Making a fast and safe integration into new car models is therefore very important and Nippon Seiki is very happy to have Diadrom’s support in this process.”

– Wojciech Jędruch, Software Engineering Manager, Nippon Seiki (Europe) B.V – https://nippon-seiki.eu.com/

“The increased number of functions in the camera systems leads to a radically increased complexity, which makes efficient development and diagnostics very important. LG Innotek and Diadrom are very proud of the results of the projects for CEVT and see many opportunities for future development.”

Mr. Edmund Park (박성형), Chief Engineer, LG IT – https://www.lg.com


Fore more information please contact Viktor Eliasson, viktor.eliasson@diadrom.se +46733 31 11 15


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