Diadrom Launches Open-Source SDV Diagnostics Initiative

Gothenburg, Sweden – Diadrom Software, a leader in automotive diagnostics software , is thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of the Diadrom Open-Source Software Project. This significant initiative will be unveiled at the upcoming Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services (VECS) 2024, taking place in Gothenburg on May 14-15.

Under the banner "Diagnostics want to be free," Diadrom is set to revolutionize the landscape of Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) diagnostics by fostering a collaborative environment where innovation and safety are paramount. The project will be hosted on GitHub, featuring comprehensive Diagnostics over IP (DoIP) capabilities, along with readily available NuGet packages for developers.

"By moving to an open-source platform, we are inviting developers worldwide to contribute to the advancement of vehicle diagnostics," said Viktor Eliasson, CEO at Diadrom Software. "This initiative will not only accelerate innovation in our field but also enhance the safety and reliability of software-defined vehicles."

The Diadrom Open-Source Software Project aligns with the company's commitment to transparency and community collaboration. By providing free access to its diagnostic tools, Diadrom aims to facilitate a global effort towards improving and securing automotive software.

Attendees of VECS 2024 are invited to join the unveiling and first look at the project's offerings. Following the event, all materials and resources will be accessible on GitHub for developers, researchers, and enthusiasts in the automotive community.

For more information about the Diadrom Open-Source Software Project, please contact Viktor Eliasson.