Diadrom Software AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diadrom Holding AB (publ), is a leading software company specializing in Autotech Diagnostics. We are proud to announce that we have successfully signed our first license agreement for the product Diadrom Encrypt in the field of cybersecurity. This marks another milestone for Diadrom's product business in the continuous development of offering innovative solutions.

The deal represents an additional order from BCS Automotive Solutions, amounting to approximately SEK 300,000 for the license.

Diadrom Encrypt is a powerful cybersecurity solution with an embedded software component that specifically protects control units in vehicles. By implementing Diadrom Encrypt in the electronic control units (ECUs) of vehicles, a high level of cybersecurity can be ensured, safeguarding against potential external threats.

This first license deal in cybersecurity is a significant milestone for Diadrom. "We are proud to have entered into this license agreement for Diadrom Encrypt," says Carl Johan Andersson, CEO of Diadrom. "It validates our technical expertise and our ability to deliver reliable protection for electronic control units (ECUs) of vehicles."

Viktor Eliasson, Vice CEO and Head of Diadrom Software, comments on the significance of Diadrom Encrypt for the automotive industry: "The growing cyber threat to the automotive sector, along with the ISO 21434 standard Road vehicles — Cybersecurity engineering, demands innovative solutions to protect the vehicle's control units. Diadrom Encrypt provides a necessary cybersecurity solution that will contribute to ensuring the safety and integrity of vehicle data. This will strengthen consumer trust in the automotive industry and support the growth and development of intelligent, secure vehicles and the software-defined vehicle."

For more information about Diadrom Encrypt and their cybersecurity solutions for vehicle control units, please visit https://diadrom.se/diadrom-encrypt/.