Diadrom Software Announces Support for Infineon AURIX TC3XX Series

Diadrom Software AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diadrom Holding AB (publ), is a leading software company specializing in Autotech Diagnostic, announces added support for Infineon's 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™ TC3xx microcontrollers for both Diadrom Encrypt and Autotech Bootloader.

Infineon's AURIX™ TC3xx 32-bit microcontrollers are optimal for safety-critical applications in clean, autonomous, and connected cars. They support essential functions such as airbags, braking, and power steering, along with advanced fail-operational systems using radar, LIDAR, and camera technologies.

“By incorporating the 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™ TC3xx microcontrollers for our Encrypt and Autotech Bootloader solutions, we are broaden our portfolio for automotive software, cybersecurity and functionality,” stated Viktor Eliasson, Head of Diadrom Software. “This integration aligns with our mission to continually enhance our product portfolio and empower our clients with the latest and most reliable automotive software solutions for microcontrollers.”