Harvest Data from your car?

OEMs within the automotive industry are moving more and more from being a source of solely physical products to becoming a service contributor who happens to deliver a product too. Data is the enabler of this change in direction and there are tons of data available. Now, all that needs to be done is to use it, but how?

Within Diadrom we have hundreds of years in collective experience from different roles in the automotive industry. Our specialty as a company is diagnostics of Autotech and in that field we have seen an increased need of handling, analyzing, and using data.

To increase the offer of our expertise Diadrom has started to build Data Scientist competences and in that mindset, William Klemm has been hired to help leverage on the competences we already have and fill in the gaps of data science.

William has not been within the automotive industry previously and is therefore not stuck in old ways but comes with a fresh mind and is eager to use his vast experience in the field to help companies who are trying to be data driven in all its aspects to leverage on all the data that has been collected over the years.

Even though theoretical particle physics might be a long way from the day-to-day work within automotive, the technical aspects of data science have great similarities.

If you would like to get in contact with William to discuss what you would like to get help with, please contact his manager Magnus Larsson, (magnus.larsson@diadrom.se and/or +46733 – 31 11 50)