Autotech reliability is our mission​

Quality- and environmental policy

Quality Policy
Diadrom is a consulting and product company in diagnostics of autotech; we work with all steps in the product's life cycle, from business analysis to aftermarket.

We have always focused on what is best for customers and take full responsibility for our deliveries. Our long-term goal is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in our annual feeds.

Laws and regulations in the environmental field are the lowest level of requirements that must always continue. We want to contribute to sustainable development in society. We achieve this primarily through our involvement in our customers' various development projects, but also by conducting our own operations in a resource-efficient and energy-efficient manner.

All employees must be aware of what is stated in the policy and how it is to be applied.
Environmental policy
We will work for the following:
• To stimulate our employees to commitment, participation and responsibility in environmental work

• To sort and recycle waste and residual products as far as possible

• To save for both environmental and cost reasons and where possible to streamline our energy consumption and reduce consumables

• To encourage planned and resource-efficient travel in the service and in private

• To prioritize suppliers who actively work with the environment To work with continuous improvements so that the business' impact on the environment is reduced.
Autotech reliability is our mission​

Integrity policy

Integrity Policy part 1
1. Collection of information
We automatically collect anonymized information from your computer and browser, including your IP address, software and hardware information, and the requested page through the following services:

* Google Analytics
* Albacross
* Teamtailor
* Instagram
* Leadfeeder

2. Use of information
The information we collect from you can be used to:

* Provide customized ads for marketing, sales and job advertisements
* Improve our website

3. Aggregated data (non-identifiable personal data)
We may share aggregated information with third parties. In such a case, the aggregated information has been compiled from information collected through the website and may, for example, consist of statistics on Internet traffic or the geographical location of the use of the website. Aggregated information does not contain any information that can be traced to a specific individual and thus does not constitute personal data.
Integrity Policy part 2
4. Information protection
Do we use cookies?

Yes. Our cookies improve access to our website and identify returning visitors. In addition, our cookies improve the user experience by tracking and customizing the user's interests. Our use of cookies is not linked at all to personally identifiable information on our website.

5. Questionnaire / Unsubscribe
We use the e-mail address you provide us with to send information and updates regarding your order, individual newsletters, related product information, etc. If you no longer wish to receive such messages, you will find information on how to unsubscribe at the end of each e-mail. mail message.

6. Consent
By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy.

7. Contact
For questions, further information about our handling of personal data or to contact us with other questions, use the following contact information: info@diadrom.se

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