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The Power of Software Reuse in Automotive

As vehicles increasingly rely on advanced software, there’s a pressing need to address the disparties in complexity and productivty. Discover how reusing software can be the game-changer for the automotive industry’s future.

Embracing software reuse is pivotal for a sustainable future in the automotive industry. Don't let complexity outpace productivity

The Unsustainable Gap

Over the past decade, the automotive industry has witnessed an unsustainable, widening gap between complexity and productivity levels.

The Impact of Reuse on Project Schedules

Reuse leverage below 30% is highly associated with an increased probability of schedule slip, with up to a staggering 100% delay for projects with no reuse.

Impact of Reuse on Applications

• Increased reuse is more critical for mission-critical applications than for infotainment and non-auto apps.

• Reuse below ~20% minimally affects infotainment quality but can introduce defects in mission-critical apps.

Consequences of the Gap

The widening disparity between complexity and productivity is concerning. This gap is anticipated to usher in performance and schedule challenges if not addressed promptly.

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