Trends in the automotive industry 2020

Trends in the automotive industry 2020

This is some of the currents trends we would like to discuss with our customers and partners during this autumn:

1. Increase of software also equals increase of development cost

Software is becoming a sustainable cost for the whole value chain  for the automotive industry, from semiconductors to OEMs application, and a vital offering. (ROLAND BERGER GMBH, 2020)


Source: Darpa CRAFT, IB5, Gartner, company websites



2. Domain controllers…

… leading to new New E/E architectures and platforms:

  • “Domain controller units (DCUs) will evolve into centralized computing units. This will increase the complexity and cost”
  • “Hardware will also become more standardized (and commoditized), with the result that automotive software will become a product” (ROLAND BERGER GMBH, 2020)


3. Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) etc.

“According to an April 2017 assessment by Intel, the systems deployed on autonomous vehicles—including cameras, RADAR, SONAR, GPS, and LIDAR—will generate more than 4 terabytes of data for every hour and half of operation.” (Booz Allen, 2019)


4. Cyber Security and Cyber crime

“The rapidly increasing body of data generated by automobiles— through both the integration of consumer applications and rollout of self-driving vehicles—is likely to drive cybercriminals to specialize in targeting vehicle-borne systems.” (Booz Allen, 2019)


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