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Diadrom has a wide level of collective knowledge in Diagnostics of Autotech – which we believe is very important to share and spread to all our employees, and as a result strengthen our image as “the option for Diagnostics of Autotech” to our customers.

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Learn firsthand from industry experts at Diadrom regarding Diagnostics. 

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Gain valuable insights into streamlining your ECU projects

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Learn firsthand from industry experts at Diadrom regarding embedded software and cyber security

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Discover innovative solutions to enhance project quality and efficiency


Upcoming webinar

Enhance Auto Cyber Security: Secure Boot, Updates & Hardware Security

Discover the future of automotive cyber security in our upcoming webinar.

Explore how Diadrom leverages Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL) for enhanced security and efficiency in software-defined vehicles and OTA updates.

Learn about our innovative solutions for seamless encryption, decryption, and authentication that adapt to hardware changes and tackle semiconductor shortages. This session is a must-attend for those interested in cutting-edge automotive software security practices.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Cyber Security Enhancement with HSM
  • Flexibility Through Hardware Abstraction
  • Unified Cryptographic Interface


We look forward to having you attend the event!

PS. Can’t you make it at 11.00 CET on Friday, May 3? No problem! Still sign up and recieve the recording afterward.


A new way to simplify your complex ECU Software Projects

Join in and listen to Viktor Eliasson discuss the crucial role of bootloaders in automotive projects and how to simplify, secure and accelerate processes in your ECU projects. 

In less than 30 minutes, we’ll discuss strategies and insights designed to help you reduce time to market and elevate quality of your ECU projects, but not limited to leveraging the power of embedded Cyber Security. This webinar promises valuable takeaways and practical tips to optimize your processes and outcomes.  


White Paper Library

Welcome to our White Paper Library—a treasure trove of insightful reads covering everything regarding Diagnostics.

Diadrom Diagnostic Book (Swedish)

Att utveckla, producera och underhålla flexibla mjukvarubaserade kapitalprodukter med hög tillgänglighet

Fredrik Ljungberg (Ph.D.) & Henrik Fagrell (Ph.D.)

Picture of the Diadrom Diagnostic book in swedish
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Secure Boot and Software Download with Diadrom Autotech Bootloader

Solving Your Firmware Upgrade and System Maintenance Headaches with the Diadrom Autotech Bootloader


The Diadrom Autotech Bootloader is a Software Solution designed to streamline the process of updating and maintaining the firmware of automotive electronic control units (ECUs). It provides a secure and efficient way to install and verify new firmware versions, helping to ensure that vehicles are running on the latest and most reliable software.

Diadrom Autotech Bootloader Product Information

Diadrom delivers the Diadrom Autotech Bootloader (DAB) for usage in ECUs


The aim is to keep the bootloader as lightweight as possible, in
order to avoid unnecessary complexity and achieve a robust
bootloader, but still have a modular design where the
implementation can be adapted to support multiple hardware
platforms and protocols.

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Diadrom Academy

Since many years back Diadrom has held a bootcamp with focus on Diagnostics of Autotech for all new employees. Diadrom Academy has a wide level of collective knowledge in Diagnostics of Autotech – which we believe is very important to share and spread to all our employees, and as a result strengthen our image as “the option for Diagnostics of Autotech” to our customers.

Training modules within Diagnostics of Autotech

Furthermore, as part of further strengthening our competence in Diagnostics of Autotech area – we have begun the work of developing a new concept with several training modules in Diagnostics of Autotech area for our employees and customers.

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Why choose a Diadrom Enablers team?

With our long experience within Diagnostic we noticed an increased demand for Agile teams and our vision is to innovate the industry, transfer our expertise knowledge to our customers, simplify your processes and lead our customers in the expanding and ever changing world of Diagnostics of Autotech.

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Full support from the Diadrom management team

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People with the right skill set and future technology stack knowledge

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Measure & optimse the team experience and engagement

Training modules

What is included?

Diadrom Diagnostics of Autotech Training Module 1: Diagnostics Overview

– The purpose of the first module is to give all our new employees an overview and understanding of what Diagnostics of Autotech is and the content covers

– Definition of diagnostics of Autotech

– History of diagnostics

– Overview and example of product topology of embedded systems

– Overview and example of diagnostic actions

– Overview and example of Life Cycle Management Process and Systems (LCMS) from an ESW perspective

Are you looking similar for training and education for your new team members? Please contact us for a discussion how we could help you with our courses with focus on diagnostics and system development. An example would be:

“C# in day with focus on system development for diagnostics system”
“the Fundamental of Diagnostics of Autotech”


Over 20 years of experience in developing diagnostic IT systems and embedded software.


Transferring our long knowledge to our new and old colleagues.

Focus on Autotech

Focus on how to develop on & off board systems for diagnostics.


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